Chef Kim Steele


Kim grew up in a duplex with her Maternal Grandmother where she cooked and baked with her from a very young age. Kim was always terribly interested in everything to do with the kitchen.¬†While in High School Kim sold cheesecakes out of her Dad’s Taurus. Later ran her own catering business while studying for her BBA from UNB.
After graduating Kim wrote business plans for Enterprise UNB, then moved to Vancouver to attend the Dubrulle French Culinary School. After Culinary School Kim worked at a couple of hotels, came back to NB and worked at the Algonquin for a season. Then moved back to Vancouver where she did her “Tour of Duty” at the local high end Vancouver restaurants, The Teahouse in Stanley Park, West Restaurant, Shore Club Vancouver and finally Fraiche and Crave as their Pastry Chef.